Nevada’s solar workers and customers reel as new rules ‘shut down’ industry | Environment | The Guardian

Don’t get lured into a novice salesperson’s prediction of the future.  Make informed decisions by doing your homework and look for companies that explain everything thoroughly and do not base their entire sales pitch on future predictions around utility rates and system reliability.

Watch “Vivint Solar Contract Review” on YouTube

This overview is an excellent reason why you need to get multiple solar bids when considering your home’s solar project. Vivint quickly rose to the #2 installer through their use of door to door marketing. No matter how nice your solar salesperson is, due your do diligence and explore a couple of options.

Wareham and Onset see rise in residential solar usage

This article does a great job giving a holistic viewpoint of the different options and variables to consider when looking into solar for your own home. Remember, there are many variables and many financial options.  Multiple solar bids are essential.  Do yourself a HUGE favor, and do not just go with the first company you…

SolarCity MyPower Loan — Payback Fine Print Not Pretty

The article below gives a solid overview of the industry leaders mypower solar purchase finance loan.  This is most definitely, one of the least attractive purchase finance models that is currently being offered.  There are many more gotchas that the article does not touch on. If you are considering the mypower option – remember, multiple…